Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I had the chance to visit my grandma over Christmas break. She is an incredible person.
Her life has not always been easy, but she has always continued to smile.
This video and these images are a treasure to me and will be to generations to come.

Dear Grandma:
When I was young, I loved when you would make us your homemade wheat pancakes.
I felt loved when she would rock me in your big overstuffed chair.
I am so grateful that for years you would spend so much time either making or picking out a gift for every single grandchild.
It was so fun to see when I walked in your house that there were still pictures of your grandchildren
displayed EVERYWHERE.
I love you so much and I am so thankful that you raised my mom, who has been such
a blessing in my life and my children's lives. 

I love the power of STORY.
In this short video Grandma is telling a story about my grandpa, whom she loved so much.
Thank you so much to my amazing and talented uncle Wayne Wilson for the music he created and
allows me to use for my videos. 



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