Lifestyle Photo Sessions:
Families, Senior/Graduation, Engagements, Lifestyle Newborn, Lifestyle Hospital Newborn
Mini Sessions:
$175.00+ tax
30 minutes, 10 images on a disk

Full Sessions:
$250.00+ tax
60 minutes, 20+ images on a disk

Video Sessions:
Mini Sessions:
$175.00+ tax
30 minutes, 1 minute video

Full Sessions:
$250.00+ tax
60 minutes, 2 minute video

Photo/Video Sessions: (Best of both worlds)
$275.00+ tax
60 minutes, 10 images on a disk, 1 minute video on a DVD

My Philosophy:

I think photo and video shoots should be fun, not painful :).
I love to photograph and film people being real.

What you can expect:

During most of the shoot, I like to keep it real and let parents play with their kids. After we get a good group shot of everyone looking, and an individual shot of each of the kids, we can move on and capture all of the natural smiles and laughs! Interaction shots are the greatest part of the shoot. I think you'll agree :). I have learned that it's best to let kids be themselves. It's how we will want to remember them anyway, right! If they are doing something really crazy, we can redirect them, but if we let them have some say in how the shoot goes, they will be a lot more cooperative.

*I do not currently offer studio newborn sessions, extended family sessions, or wedding coverage, but I would love to refer you to someone who does :).

For questions or to set up a session time you can email me at

The Sanderson Family

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