Monday, November 10, 2008

****Update on Schedule for 2009****

I just wanted to post an update on my schedule for 2009. If you are interested in a children’s mini shoot or regular children’s photo shoot, I have designated my one Saturday in April and my one Saturday in August specifically for these shoots. One will most likely be in Ogden and one at a location in Kaysville. If you are interested in one of those months you can email me at I will put your name down and contact you about a month in advance to let you know what day they will be held. If these days get filled and more people are interested in a photo shoot, I will start a list of people to call for openings throughout the year. Since I am only doing photo shoots one Saturday a month I need to coordinate a day with people I already have booked, and then I can decide if I am able to or want to book more on that same day. I am being very cautious this year to not overbook myself and unfortunately I can not book too many people too far in advance because life is too unpredictable. Right now I have mostly families scheduled for next year. I would love to have a variety and do more individual children’s shoots, so I will most likely add children’s shoots to my schedule first. I hope this makes sense. You can find all the details about my photo shoots by clicking on the link at the bottom of my blog. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. I’m very excited for this coming year! Keep scrolling down for the info on the boutique I will be a part of......

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  1. So put me down for next fall...kee hehe, don't you love shooting my family ;D Did you want a Christmas card designed?


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