Saturday, February 14, 2009

What do you feel when you look at this image...................

I can't even come up with the right words to describe how my insides felt when I finished editing this one.....warm fuzzies all over the place. What a beautiful new baby and a gorgeous mom. What a priceless moment.......she was holding her in the rocking chair toward the end of the shoot. This is my favorite image by far of the whole shoot and one of my favorite images I have ever created....


  1. Simply gorgeous. I think it could make a die hard finished w/having kids girl baby hungry. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything ;).

  2. hey...i think i have commented on your blog before, but just wanted to stop by and tell you that your pics are fantastic! i know the burnett's they think you are amazing) and the timothy's. i haven't seen the timothy's for forever, so tell them hello. their baby is BEAUTIFUL!


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