Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm back......with a shoot to share......

So it's been a month since I've posted! We've had a few things going on around here! Life has been a little crazy. My husband and I were able to go to Cancun Mexico for a week by ourselves! It was great! I might share some pics from that. My computer got a virus and has been in the shop...not so much fun to have your computer get a virus I'm figuring out. It kind of messes up your mojo when you have to reinstall things and stuff! Anyway, these cute kids and their family are coming up......I just love this shot... just look at her hands...tangled up so cute!:) Is tangle the right word. Does that make sense? Anyway, maybe you know what I mean:)


  1. Welcom back, I didn't know that's where you were; how fun!! You gotta share pictures!

    I love these, especially Miss Liv's glance at her Daddy...

  2. I love this shot!! I love the colors and texture from the brick wall! Awesome!


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