Monday, May 25, 2009

my big family........

The cute and nice photographer from Cascio Photography ( at my nephew's wedding was nice enough to take this shot! I love pictures where my whole family is in it! When I look at this picture, it just looks like I have so many kids. I still seriously don't feel old enough to have this big of a's weird. Four kids isn't really a lot......maybe it just looks like it in the picture. I was telling the photographer that my expectations for a family photo has gone down. If they are looking....we're good to go. I think I don't have the energy for everyone to have a perfect face. If you think about it that's not real life anyway. Thank you for the photo Mrs. Cascio :).


  1. Hey Heather!! I am so glad that you liked them!! You have a gorgeous family and I am so glad I had you there to talk to :) You are an amazing photographer!! WOW! Thanks for letting me try out your lens! I had a blast! I hope that we see more of each other in the future :)

  2. Um, I have been reading your blog for months and months now and just now figured out WHO'S blog I have actually been reading! CRAZY! Your family is darling and you are just as beautiful as ever! Love, Shelly (Anderson) Brown!!

  3. Darling family! I feel the same way-not old enough to have so many kids! I also love the wedding shot. Genius.


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