Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I want for 2012

1. I want to be a more supportive wife.
2. I want to be a better mother...more passionate about mothering.
3. I want to smile more. I mean really smile.
4. I want to write/journal more.
5. I want to read more.
6. I want to yell less.
7. I want this blog to be a part of my family's history, so my posterity will know that we were here and what we were all about.
8. I want to love living more.
9. I want my photography to be more about people and less about perfection.
10. I want to create.
11. I want to think more about others and less about myself.
12. I want my photography to be about real life.
13. I want to help others.
14. I want to learn more about myself and my life's mission.
15. I want to remember that I only have one chance at this earth life. What am I doing with it?
16. I want to learn more about my ancestors. They are the reason I am here.
17. I want to let go of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of not being perfect. Fear of what others think of me. Fear of not having enough or being enough.
18. I want to be the kind of mother I would want to have. The kind of mother I do have.
19. I want to care more about people and less about things.
20. I want to document my kids being them. Because "them" is who I want to remember.
21. I want to capture my children in motion. Video. It is priceless.
22. I want to worry less and live more.
23. I want to think more about things I have control over and less about things I don't.
24. I want to allow my children to make choices. That's one reason they're here on earth.
25. I want to share my faith with others.
26. I want to be more aware that my children are watching me.
27. I want the scriptures to be a part of me.
28. I want to recognize God's hand in my life everyday.
29. I want to be more grateful. Much more grateful.
30. I want to stop comparing myself to others. It's exhausting.
31. I want to discover who I really am.
32. I want to appreciate people more, and more importantly, I want to tell them.
33. I want to make a difference.
34. I want to procrastinate less. (It has to do with perfectionism you know:))
35. I want to move my feet.
36. I want to spend less time on the internet and more time with my kids.
37. I want to hug my kids more.
38. I want to laugh more. I mean really laugh.
39. I want to to stretch myself with my photography.
40. I want to be passionate about photography, but not too passionate.
41. I want balance. I believe the only true way to find balance is to put God first in my life. After that, everything else falls into place.
42. I want to help inspire people.
43. I want to SIMPLIFY my life. Less is more.
44. I want to be positive. It is my blood type (B+) :)
45. I want to choose Happiness.
46. I want to put off the natural man.
47. I want to plan my life more. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
48. I want to change.

Wanting is the easy part. Now I need to go and do:).

Life is good. I sure am grateful for this angel Heavenly Father sent to us. This will be the first post of my grateful project.


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