Saturday, February 04, 2012

Studio Realness.

I had a great day yesterday. I had been wanting some photos of my baby and I together. I love connection as much as I do realness. When I talked about realness in my last couple of posts, that didn't mean that I would give up studio pictures of my kids all together. There still is definitely a place for it. I think you can still capture realness in a studio session. I asked my husband if he would take some of us on his Friday off of work. I coached him through some in the studio and then some of me just simply getting her dressed like I do every day. I also coached him through taking some video clips of us together. I am absolutely in love with what he got. I will be forever grateful for these and for him. It is very rare that he has down time and I love that he spent his down time doing something that really mattered to me. This is just a couple of the shots. My Baby loves her fingers. A lot of my time with her is spent kissing her. I could literally eat her.:) Hopefully I can share others later.



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