Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A few more words on our family photo shoot below...

So, I just wanted to write a few more things about our Oct. family photo shoot. From the looks of it, some of you might think that my family likes to have their photos taken. Let me just clarify that they don't. I approached this photo shoot a little differently. In other words, I wasn't so bossy and mean :). It's so hard not to want to control our kids at photo shoots because we want the photo shoot to be "perfect", especially after all of the time and money we have put into this one day. The fact of the matter is, kids don't want to be bossed around and told what to do, just like we don't want to be bossed around and told what to do as adults. For some reason, I am just recently learning this. So here is a little bit of advice. (By the way, any advice I give on here is advice I'm reminding myself of and giving to myself. I'm not perfect at any of it.)

Make the photo shoot FUN. Let the kids do what THEY want to do some of the time. Obviously, I don't want my kids sticking their tongues out in every picture. BUT, if they want to stick their tongue out, let them. Take a few shots of them with their tongue out and show it to them afterwards. They'll get a kick out of it. If they keep wanting to do it, tell them we will do more funny ones after you get 5 more good pictures or however many you want.

Let the kids be themselves, after all, that is what you will want to remember.

Play with them. Tickle them. That's when their real smile comes out.

Whatever you do, don't tell them to say "CHEESE". We have all done it. It makes them look very unnatural. You try it. Go ahead, try it "CHEESE." :) Doesn't work does it:).

Tell them a joke, pick your nose, dance. Do whatever makes them smile that REAL smile that you love.

Let expectations go. Let them go I say. You may get something that you LOVE that is different from what you thought you wanted. (Did you get that:))

Patience is key. Oh, that patience thing is HARD.

I was still bossy at this shoot, but I think I was a lot better. That's why I got so many natural photos of my kids that I love! This family photo shoot is my favorite by FAR.

And by the way, I full on bribe my kids too. Family photo shoots are all about bribery. Go to ice cream afterwards, give them a dollar to spend at the dollar store, have a candy bar in the car. Be careful with this one though. With little kids, it may back fire if you show the treat to them during the shoot. It could be disastrous, because they will cry for it the whole time. We all know our kids and how they work.

So there you go, some advice from someone who is working on the PATIENCE/NON-BOSSY thing. I hope it helps:).

I want to end by reposting one of my favorite images from this shoot. A little background. My baby was 6 weeks old in this shoot. I know, I'm crazy, but I wanted it. She was not the happiest, so that is why you don't see her in a lot of the pictures. However, I documented the shoot. I documented Adam holding her, because that's what he did most of the time. He took care of her so I could do my thing. (Thank you honey.)

The shot below has so much emotion in it. This shot just totally captures how Caleb feels about his baby sister. I love looking at shots that I can FEEL. I love taking shots that I can FEEL. Now go take some shots of your kids that you can FEEL. Step away from trying to get that "perfect" smiling shot that you think you want. Maybe it isn't what you want :).


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