Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Internet World and Percy Jackson

Do you remember the scene in Percy Jackson where the three kids go to the casino/hotel. They are presumably having a great time. The three of them are being served the Lotus flowers that taste so good. They get offered them often, and are able to eat as many as they want. While they are eating them, more and more time goes by without them noticing. 

Suddenly Percy wakes up. He snaps out of it. Percy wakes up from the perceived world he is in, and hears the voice of his Father. He then realizes that the world or state he is in is not real and the flowers they are serving him are keeping him in this state of perceived happiness, distracting him, and keeping him from accomplishing the mission he has to fulfill.

I get on the internet almost every day. For years I have done this. I’ll jump on the internet and suddenly I’m out of reality and into a different world. One that is not real. I look at people’s photography I don’t know. I read about people I’ve never met or have not seen in years, and I look at things I would like to have or wish I could have.  I write and post things I would like people to comment on, and whether or not I get comments affects me, and how I feel about myself.

Photography blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, email, you name it. They are all there at the click of a button. I can get on the internet and begin clicking and clicking until time literally stands still. Before I know it, I’m sucked in. Sucked into something.  Something that lulls me to sleep in a way. When I wake up, most of the time, I have nothing to show for it but wasted time. Wasted time, and discouragement from comparing myself to others. 

Pretty soon, my morning is gone, and my kids stand waiting for attention. 
My real world friends stand waiting for a helping hand and a listening ear.

I wonder if the internet is like that Lotus flower in Percy Jackson.
I wonder if distraction is all it takes to keep us from doing what God wants us to do 
and becoming who God wants us to become.

It’s time for me to snap out of it.
It’s time for me to wake up.
Real life is waiting.
Real people are waiting.

Camryn getting home from school one day.

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