Sunday, March 31, 2013


Somehow Camryn turned six.
She wanted donuts instead of a cake.
She wanted to go swimming.
Some of the things she wanted for her birthday were a camera, 
ballet shoes, a mermaid barbie, and a dress up dress.
I believe that one of Camryn's gifts is the gift of compassion.
If I am playing a game with her she will often want me to win
so I don't feel bad.
We love you Camryn!

 Camryn loves to go swimming

Sharing her treats with Cali.

She would hug us after she got her presents. Loved it that she was so grateful.

This is the poster we put together for her class.

She is not in ballet, but she wanted ballet shoes.

Letting Cali help her open her present. So cute.

Taking a picture with her camera.

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