Thursday, February 16, 2012

I was not prepared

There is more to Caleb's (my sixth grader) dance story. He didn't really love the idea of me coming to his dance. After me mentioning it a few different times, I think he was ok with it in the end. As it got closer to the time of his dance, I wondered if I should go. I called the school to see if parents were invited to go. The lady at the office told me that in year's past some parents had come. My baby was asleep, and there were things that needed to be done around the house. I called Adam (my husband) to see what he thought. He hesitated about me going if parents weren't invited. After all this thought I decided to go. This was a big deal. It was something I didn't want to miss. When I got there I was peeking through the glass doors to the commons area where the dance was taking place. I spotted him. I got my camera out and not wanting to make myself known yet, I brought my camera toward the glass and shot a couple pictures. Caleb saw me through the glass. He then did something I hope I will never forget. He waved me in. Yes, he waved me in. I don't know if Caleb will ever understand what that meant to me. I'm getting emotional writing it. He was so nice to me.

I tell you, I was not prepared for the wave of emotion I felt being there, seeing him in that setting. I literally was about ready to break into tears. Nothing prepares you for seeing your child grow up. Nothing. I'm not ready. I haven't been a perfect parent in any sense of the word. But ready or not, it's coming. He'll be in Junior High next year. I went around documenting him at the dance and documenting the details. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I stayed almost the whole time:). I probably overstayed my welcome. I hope to make it up to him with the video/pictures of the dance I have for him to look at and remember.

Dear Caleb:
Thank you for letting me share your day. These pictures will always hold a special place in my heart. They are the two I took when you spotted me at the window and right before you waved me in. I love you cool 6th grader:) Mom




  1. You are such a good Caleb! I hope that you had fun at your dance! You sure look handsome in your suspenders and bow tie! We love you!

  2. That picture is perfect. Priceless:)


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