Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Documenting Home Project: LIGHT

I'm getting back on track with my project...
the one about documenting HOME. 
Our story starts at home.
Home is where life happens.
Home is where our memories reside.
Home is my favorite place to be.

Normal Day + Book Bags, Old Photo Chair, Sack of Corn, Ear of Corn 

I've decided that impromptu mini photo shoots of real life are the greatest.
I saw the sun shining through the window and grabbed the camera.
Who said you had to go outside to get this kind of light?
MMMM....I'm loving it.

What's better than these little sprigs of hair:)

Just love this one.

I don't know what it is about my lens cap, but she loves it.

Are you kidding me. This one is my favorite of the whole session.

Blurry goodness.

I love how the light wraps around my baby's face so you can see her cute little profile.

Big sister carrying a not so little baby.

Love the cheeks.

In comes corn.

Another Fav.

Love the contrast in black and white.

Yummy lips.

All done.

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