Friday, February 22, 2013

love notes.

For Valentine's Day I was thinking of making a little pouch of 
some kind for each of the kids that I could put little love notes in. 
I had a friend come over and I was mentioning it to 
her. She said she had a sister who just had a
 notebook that she used where she and her child would 
write notes back and forth to each other.


I went and got a notebook for each of my kids with a 
special pen that was to be kept with it, and told them 
to keep it under their bed. 

It has been so cool already.

Sometimes you can put things in writing that you may 
not say out loud to them and visa versa. It's just a great way to 
tell them how cool they are and how much you love them.

It really does mean a lot to them, and it has meant a lot to me:). 
I'm so glad my friend came over for that visit so I 
could get the idea because honestly, 
I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten around to 
making the pouches.:)

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